[solution] Pro Tools First on MacBook Pro (mid 2010) with OS X 10.11.6 – El Capitan


For problems with launching ‘Pro Tools First’ I found that a ‘first time setting’ of the ‘Playback Engine ‘ can give problems.
(This could be because there’s not yet (Dec 02, 2016) an officially version of  Pro Tools First for OS X 10.11.6). [check]

There is a solution that works for me.

  1. Download the latest version of ‘Pro Tools First’ and full install it all over again.
    Don’t use any old version.
  2. After full (re)installation, (You don’t lose (if existing) your projects, which are in the cloud) do a first launch of ‘Pro Tools First’.
    It can take a minute.  (… be patient …)
  3. Halfway this first launch of ‘Pro tools First’, the system ask you (in small pop-up window and only the first time launch) to set the ‘Playback Engine’.
  4. Choose: ‘Build-in Output‘ and ‘Optimize Engine for playback‘. (NOT Protools Aggregate)

After this: With me were the launching problems of ‘Pro Tools First’ for 99% solved …

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